by guy keulemans on March 13, 2006

Just for my own interest, I’ve been creating little animations using Illustrator. The animation is essentially generative as its controlled via variables (like stroke and skew) based on a simple mathematic formula. The beginning and end frames are not though, as I consciously design them. All the frames are generated individually unlike Flash animations. This is a bit of a hassle though, so until I write some Illustrator scripts they probably won’t be much longer than 4 seconds because after 99 frames I’m like this (@_@). The next step is to add color and camera fly-throughs in After Effects… when I have the time! Click on the little gifs above to see larger Quicktime movies.

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Anonymous March 13, 2006 at 10:26 pm

Nice animation Yugyug, I like them a lot. Could be a cool background for a videoclip or something.

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