Thesis: Generative design and software tools.

by guy keulemans on March 27, 2006

Finally got around to making a PDF of my honours thesis “Strategies for generative designers and the development and use of generative software tools.” Not really for casual reading that’s for sure, but it may be of worth a look if you are interested in generative design, evolutionary design or Rhizome Theory. The work of the following designers/artists is discussed; Marcel Wanders, Stephen Rooke, Richard Dawkins, John Frazer and Soddu & Colabella. Please note its 2.6 MB and might take a while to load.

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sivam krish August 16, 2006 at 6:13 pm

Generative design is no longer a theoratical possibility – though many academics like to keep it that way. It is happening.

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