bezoah pendant

by guy keulemans on April 23, 2007

I had a really busy couple of months and I am afraid to say that getting real work done took precedence over blogging. But I am happy to post again for the first time since January, with some photos of a new jewellery design called Bezoah (usual spelling “bezoar” which is a type of hard secretion found in human and animal stomachs made form undigestable materal. One bezoar I had in mind when I designed this piece was the trichnobezoar, a kind of hairball very ocassionally found in the stomachs of young girls. But really the influences are multiple – hairballs, arteries, and especially ocean creatures, so the name Jelly Monster is very applicable.

The back side. Did you know bezoars were considered magical in the middle ages? And also hard secretons like bezoars and pearls are not just found in oysters and other animals but in plants as well, like bamboo?

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