by guy keulemans on November 21, 2007

My research at the Design Academy is now focusing on the aesthetics of repair. To test out some ideas, I, collaboration with another masters student, Martijn Dijkhuizen , constructed this chair/table out of cardboard. We then smashed it with some large bricks (which was fun) and then carefully repaired it (which was surprisingly fun) so we could smash it again. And again. We apply strict rules to the repair process, and are repeating it several times to see what will eventuate. Its still ongoing and we will soon cut away the starting form to leave only the repaired sections. Here is the poster I designed to communicate the process.

And here are 4 images of the final chair, after being smashed and repaired 3 times. 2 of the shots are taken after we cut away the original form, leaving only the repaired sections. Actually, its pretty ugly in the end!

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