Aluminium Door Knob

by guy keulemans on September 24, 2008

There is something soothing and graceful about a doorknob. I find them nostalgic, reminding me of a childhood playing in the rooms of adults. They are pleasurable on an aesthetic level due to their minimal form and, on an abstract level, their formal relationship to a room, as an intrusion, is succinct. However, door knobs are not so common anymore because they require more grip strength relative to door handles. Of course, doors must be universally accessible, especially in public buildings, but what about the home? Can routine day to day activities promote digital strength or dexterity? This idea is often mentioned when discussing the benefits of using chopsticks.

Regardless, the contemporary situation requires that the design of a door knob address this issue of grip, even if not directly striving for optimal ergonomics. My concept was simple. Design a simple and non-convoluted doorknob, but make it a little more grip-able.  With this design I used a simple lightbulb shape with the addition of a minimal yet tactile ridge that emerges around the bottom side of the doorknob, hidden from eye, but overt to the fingers. A helpful surprise for your hand as it turns to open the door.

Completed with the help of  Kyoko Hashimoto. Photographs by Aldo Bakker.

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