Abstract and Question revision 1st trimester finals

by guy keulemans on December 8, 2008

How can a manipulation of scale be used to create long-lasting objects with sublime effects?

In the past, large architectural structures were possessed with a spiritual power representative of their iconic and rare status. Similarly, very small historical objects such as jewellery and miniature books held a special place of importance due to the time, care and techniques needed to produce them. However, the contemporary era is one where the special context of these objects has been lost and similarly the processes required to produce them are ubiquitous. The sense of sacredness and focal purpose of large structures has been reduced by the democratization of construction. And in turn, the trend for miniaturization in electronics has produced an array of tiny yet profane and meaningless products. In spite of this, many objects from the past still exist today and possess values that ensure their continuation. If their original meaning has been lost, the nature of their existence is often perplexing enough to ensure their continued survival. In context of today’s society that has lost much of its traditional relationship to the spiritual, this research attempts to produce home objects and architectural fittings that use a manipulation of scale to achieve a sublime or spiritual effect.

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