Variable Flooring Tiles – a system

by guy keulemans on January 26, 2009

These images show a diagrams for a 2-dimensional architectural tiling system. The system works with 2 tiles, a larger triangle edged primary tile, and a smaller triangle shaped filler tile. By changing the arrangement of the larger tile one can produce a very large number of tiling patterns, with the filler tile used to complete the arrangement and produce a tessellation.

The design was initially inspired by my research into the notion of sacred objects, and the emphasis on mathematics and geometry in Islamic culture, as an expression of God. What i wanted to do was expand upon this idea but use a modular system which from a simple base of 2 tiles can produce variable and complex patterns, in an attempt to give user flexibility, but also to express something about the dynamic relationship of simplicity and complexity in nature. For example, the base unit structure of DNA is surprisingly simple; four units of nucleotides only are used to code the structures of all living things; an amazingly complex array of life.

The large graphic above has 4 rotationally repeating tiling patterns, as shown enlarged, however an much larger number can be produced, and 6 more patterns as shown below, including 3 that re not rotational, but linear in arrangement, and 3 which are rotational but which also modulate the filler tile pattern.

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