Graphic Studies / Expessions in Furniture

by guy keulemans on February 26, 2009

Last weekend I designed some graphics to illustrate my topic. These graphics abstractly deal with the atheist conception of death and its inverse, life.
Atheists do not beleive in god, and the majority also do not believe in the afterlife. Death is seen as the ultimate cessation of consciousness. This frames life as a temporality, its vibrant complexity open for exploration, but framed by the nothingness of death on all sides.

Translating this into furniture objects requires a decontruction down into simpler archetypal forms, lest the execution be seen as overly decorative. This deconstruction involves a formation of the concept into functional components; the elementary units of everyday objects. Subtleties like a hidden colour along the edge of a shelf, or a cascading proportions of drawers, must suggest the possibilities of an entire universe of life.

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