SMASH REPAIR 3 – Day 2, the first smash and repair

by guy keulemans on July 15, 2009

As the images show, yesterday was the first smash and repair. Crushing the structure and see it break was immensely satisfying after the long assembly work. The structure took a lot more weight than I expected, but when it fell, it began with an eerie and very soft crackling sound, like twigs breaking in the forest…. one by one, for an eternity, and then everything happened at once; the bricks descended and the structure almost exploded with energy and a visible dust cloud.

So we start the repair, a straightening the segments of structure still attached and fixing them with the first layer of tiles. Some segments were forced completely separate from the structure; we collected these and, like a jigsaw puzzle, figured out where they belong.

And the whole time we work, we think about smashing it again.

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