Dutch Design Week – Objects for Atheists

by guy keulemans on October 17, 2009

My furniture research project, Object for Atheists, and the furniture item it inspired, LKBP, pictured, is on exhibition at the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Galleries 2009, from October 17th to 25th.

The research involved ethnography of online atheist groups, and historical analysis of the influence of religion on aesthetics. The resulting furniture presents an inversion of aesthetic function. Shelves are hidden in the back of a chest of drawers, becoming a secret to be discovered; and superseding the secretive nature of drawers. This concept is positioned as a metaphor for the continual drive of atheists to uncover and expose the mysteries of science, religion and life.

You can read through the research or download my thesis from my research journal.

The furniture is constructed from sustainably harvested bamboo with dovetail joinery, with no nails nor screws and very little glue. Four industrial strength spherical castors allow movement across the floor in all directions, so it can be rotated easily away from the wall to access the hidden bookshelf, or used free-standing as a movable partition. Drawer opening is friction-less, made possible by a novel rail and groove system from special polymers, in a very small containment space (1.5 mm) between the drawer and the case.

“Beautifully minimalistic but with enough detail to keep the eye interested. There’s also hint to the tree-of-life. Love it.”

contributor from from the online forum The Brights

Additionally, my summer project SMASH REPAIR 3 is on display at the exhibition Origin of Pieces, curated by Eindhoven designers Limited Edition Lab (L.E. Lab) during the same dates. More info here.


Anonymous October 18, 2009 at 3:20 am

Just stunning. Congratulations!

wazoo October 20, 2009 at 1:45 am

Adolph Loos would love this, if he weren't dead.

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