This page concerns the graphic design-in-progress for my project superunfoldedbox exhibited at the Marres Centre for Contemporary Culture in Maastricht. A full description of that project and its outcomes is here.

These graphics are diagrams that guide the creation of a model Ettore Sottsass Superbox. Functional elements, like fold and cut lines are presented, however they are disguised by irrational elements. The density of patterning and color creates a tension between the rational and irrational. Unlike conventional schematic diagrams, this tension produces abstraction, an emanating energy. Not unlike a mandala, but for secular society; the process of balancing the tension and and ‘folding up’ the superbox mentally is the discovery of a structural truth. [Note: curator Lisette Smits ultimatelly prefaced the title of this work with “Objects for Atheists”, the title of my Master’s thesis, when it was exhibited, so that I had this thought is appropriate.]

The schematic sheets are designed double-sided, with an ‘authentic’ superbox on one side and a text block on the other. The box can be folded up both ways, with either the text trapped inside or presented on the outside surface.

above, from this drawing.

above, from this maquette. (notice the ‘watermelons’ – they are modelled from foam.)

above, from this prototype.

zoomed details:

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