superunfoldedboxes…. folded.

| January 25th, 2010


After setting up the Sottsass exhibition in Maastricht a few weeks ago, I traveled back to London with copies of the die-cut models. At a pub in Shortditch, I passed some around and invited my friends to assemble them together. I was interested in seeing how long it might take someone unfamiliar with the design, especially I was not going to be at the opening. The results were decent. Most could do the boxes in less than 10 minutes, even after a couple of beers. A some took longer and a few gave up – on closer inspection because they had made a incorrect assumption early on which frustrated all their later assembling decisions… Overall, pretty fun. I clocked myself at about 2 minutes for the easiest box (Yellow), but thats after making several hundred of them in Maastricht the day before 😉


My write up of the actual exhibition and purpose of these cardboard models is here.


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