The May 2010 issue of Art Forum has a review of the Marres Centre’s We Were Exuberant and Still Had Hope. Ettore Sottsass: works from Stockholm, 1969 exhibition. The author Saskia van der Kroef writes:

….designer Guy Keulemans provided “notes” to Sottsass’s Superbox. Keuleman’s Objects for Atheists, Superunfoldedbox, 2009, comprising different kinds of cardboard posters that function as a DIY kit, turned the institution’s second floor into a playful cityscape of ill-shaped miniature Superboxes. Mass-produced, touchable, light and disposable, they were in complete contrast with the originals downstairs. The young designer clearly broke with the Superbox’s sacral staging, directly invoking the conditions of consumption. At the same time, the work illustrated the promise of an entirely designable society, with the participation of the viewer – but not without an exuberance of its own.

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