Earlier this year I was asked to contribute to the soon to be released Platform 21 book. My contribution was a series of sketches proposing an structure built by the visitors of an exhibition which represents their demographic qualities by translation into physical structure. Its both interactive and generative, and somewhat like an infographic or diagram, but three dimensional, large and architectural. It divides space in a very physical way. Curator Joanna van der Zaanden liked the idea and is taking it to Poland where it will grow for the first time under proper conditions at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland. I have an instruction manual and a few details to work out before its opens on the third of December, but I’ve already built a smaller scale prototype with artificial demographic data, so it at least has been tested structurally.

Above, the prototype in Berlin. It represents 50 exhibition visitors and fills up a room of about 22 square metres. In fact it escaped out the door and ended up on the street. With visitors in Torun estimated at more than 1000, the structure there will be perhaps 20 times larger.

Thanks to Mirak Jamal and Marwin Bald for the use of their cellar studio and  gallery in Berlin.

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