The exhibition Tag! Base! Hide and Seek! has opened successfully at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, and  WWILMA has begun. This was project was difficult for me because I was unable to travel to Torun and set it up myself, but instead sent an instruction manual to the curators. That makes a fair amount of sense, considering its built by the art centre visitors, and, as the video stream shows, they did an excellent job and its running like a dream. Already it is quite large, with a large chaotic arrangement in the foreground and some nice smaller, disconnected satellite arrangements in the background. As the structure expands, will these join up and intensify?

Click the link below for the live video stream. Works in most browsers, Chrome and Safari certainly, it will also open in VLC. Keep in mind the time difference – at night the centre closes and turns off the lights, and all you see is black :/

WWILMA at COCA, live video stream

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