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by guy keulemans on October 28, 2011

This stage of the Archaeologic project was exhibited during Sydney Design Week 2011 in collaboration with Henry Wilson.

For other stages of this project I am using an approach adapted from kintsugi, the Japanese art of ceramic repair, embedding the photoluminescent pigment into deep glue seams running right through the bowls. For this project, Henry and I decided to focus on the common problem of chipped crockery – the kind of damage you see in crockery sold at second hand shops, which is where we obtained these samples. The pigment is applied as filler within the chips and sanded back to restore the unbroken shape, but with a nice surprise when you open your cupboards at night.

The exhibition case was built with a timed light switch similar to the ones they used to use in museum displays (at least the ones I remember from my childhood), except that the switch is reversed; pressing the button turns the light off for 30 seconds, instead of on.

In situ on Elizabeth Lane during Sydney Design Week:

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