The exhibition Domestic Renewal, featuring my Copper Ice Cream Scoops and curated by Rohan Nicol, is currently on show in Adelaide with new work contributed by designers from the Jam Factory. The catalogue can be downloaded here.

Domestic Renewal at the Jam Factory
10th October 2013 to 1st December
at the JamFacory Gallery, 19 Morphett St, Adelaide.

Featuring new work by Jam Factory artists including:
George Agius, Llewelyn Ash, Kristel Britcher,
Karen Cunningham, Liam Fleming, Daniel Guest,
Christian Hall, Marcel Hoogstad Hay, Wayne Mcara,
Alice Potter, Matt Taylor, Ulrica Trulsson,
Alexander Valero and Miao Wang

In addition to the existing works by:
Alex Asch, Richard Blackwell, Norman Cherry,
Ann Cleary, Guy Keulemans, Sarah K, Bridie Lander,
Gini Lee, Rohan Nicol, Sabine Pagan, Mel Robson,
Liane Rossler, Wayne Simons, Kenji Uranishi,
Jason Wade and Henry Wilson.

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