During February and March of this year, Kyoko Hashimoto and I ran a workshop for JamFactory Metal Design Studio associates. The workshop addressed the design of rings, in the context of history and contemporary needs, loosely framed by the commercial goals of JamFactory for establishing a custom ring design service.
Focus was given to the development of experimental and reflective practice, self-directed research and conceptual thinking. Through presentations, and group and individual discussions, the associates developed the design of rings that responded to their research. These rings were subsequently finished and photographed in April.

A PDF catalog of the workshop outcomes can be downloaded by clicking the first image or the following link.

Ring Workshop – JamFactory 2015 – Keulemans & Hashimoto

Angela Giuliani, Sylvia Nevistic, Davide Spinoni, Emma Field & Zoe Grigoris

with Christian Hall (creative director) & Alice Potter (production manager) of the Metal Design Studio

Photos and text by Guy Keulemans and Kyoko Hashimoto

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