Pop-up shop / studio interior for “We Are All Made of Stuff”

In May 2010 I co-designed and built the interior for We Are All Made of Stuff, a pop-up jewellery and object design shop and working studio in the Reuterkiez district of Berlin. Conceived as a  tempoorary space only for the summer meant that not a lot of money could be spent on the design. This concept of zero budget resulted in multifunctional interior produced with limited resources; a few euros worth of paint, sandpaper, and 2000 metres of white string.

The decision to place a studio and shop in the same room meant that we needed an intervention so customers would feel comfortable walking into a space where designers are working. So that the initial impression from the street is of a welcoming shop, with the designers partially shielded from customers. The primary feature is a a curtain of cascading vertical strings develop from a point, a single string at the rear wall, to a forest of strings  by the window. Within the forest of strings are floating platforms for the display of jewellery.  The diagonal curtain is dynamic and angular, but also light; shop customers feel separate from the designers and comfortable to enter, but are still able to interact with them and observe them working. Its also possible to move freely through the curtain, or even remove the platforms and tie back the curtain to open the space for parties and events. The tables are likewise set up on removable black stained trestles, so the space can be used in different configurations depending on how many designers are working.

Designed in collaboration with Kyoko Hashimoto,  and Christoph Hager from Berlin Süd.

Photography by Claudia Frickemeier.