Archaeologic is a series of ceramic objects repaired with photoluminescent pigmented glue.

The prototypes were made some time ago.

The second series repaired chipped crockery found at second hand shops. Chipped edges are a common reason for plates and bowls to be discarded, though they are simple to repair. The second series demonstrated that such damage can be repaired in an aesthetically transformative way. The epoxy glue used is durable. That work was exhibited outside Henry Wilson’s studio during Sydney Design Week 2011 in a display case with a reverse timed light switch.

The pictures here are of the third series. These vessels were made to bisque by Kiyotaka Hashimoto, a master ceramicist based in Armidale, New England, based on a rough design I provided. I subsequently glazed, smashed and repaired them.

The work is discussed in my PhD thesis in relation to the Japanese craft of ceramic repair known as kintsugi. This material also informs a paper I’m writing for publication sometime next year. These works are also featured in Karen McCartney’s new book Perfect Imperfect, also to be published next year.