NNancy is a spatial installation with an experimental and generative form. The structure, though derived from a simple fixed angle module, becomes increasing complex as it grows, mirroring systems found in nature, but remaining artifactual with straight lines and synthetic colour. It was exhibited at the PYD building in Waterloo, Sydney, between the 18th March and the 28th April 2011.

The work is a sequel to my installation WWilma, a similar structure whose form was built by visitors and controlled by demographic factors. It grew to massive proportions in the cultural centre which housed it, an architectural growth drastically changing the interior space. This installation, NNancy, is smaller, less monstrous even, but possesses more defined  geometric parameters. The expression of these parameters into a growing structure reflects the relationships between design and nature, control and chaos.

Like WWilma, I chose not to participate in the actual building of the structure, restricting myself to the design of the system and giving generative control to three assistants; Kyoko Hashimoto, Nick Fogarty, and Henry Wilson. The structure was built up successively by these three, in that order, from the ground to the second floor, and its possible to see changes in the pattern of the structure correspond to their individual design choices.

Thanks to Kyoko Hashimoto, Nick Fogarty and Henry Wilson for their assistance, and to Charlene Burke from the Country Trader for her invitation to exhibit in the PYD building.