WWILMA is a “generative-demographic” sculpture built interactively by its own audience. It uses various parameters, such as the age, family size, gender and sexual preference to guide selection of materials. In this way it becomes an expression of group creativity, but also demographics.

I originally proposed the concept for a book about Platform 21, the innovative gallery/workshop in Amsterdam. After working on projects for them I wanted to propose something that really matched the spirit of the gallery – the collaboration with the general public. The book was published, but unfortunately the gallery itself closed. However, in the meantime Platform 21 curator Joanna van der Zaanden decided to produce WWilma for her exhibition Tag! Base! Hide & Seek. It was first built at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland, from December 4th 2010 to February 13th 2011, and later at the City Gallery in Tarnow, Poland from the 21st June to 20th July 2011.

And here is link to a a short video in which I explain the premise:

Tag Base Hide and Seek – Guy Keulemans\’ WWILMA

Tag! Base! Hide & Seek at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland is curated by Joanna van der Zanden & Agnieszka Pindera and features the work of artists and designers Dinie Besems, Cynthia Hathaway, Guy Keulemans, Bartosz Mucha, Leonard van Munster, Eric von Robertson, Suzuki Åffice with graphics by Rafa? Jara & Urszula Karniej